Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready or not, here I come!

 Author's Note: In this piece, it tells you my opinion on how third children and how they should be able to exist. It makes you think of how much you wouldn't be able to do if you were a shadow child.

Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t do the things that everyone else is able to do.  Having to hide out in your home, the windows closed, blinds shut, and the radio off. This is exactly how the main character, Luke’s life is in Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Among the Hidden grabs the reader’s attention by stating that third children should have the right to live, just like their two other siblings.

Luke thought that he was the only person that had to hide from the population police. Although, later in the book, that all changed when he met a girl named Jen. She was the only person he could trust with his secrets because she was a third child as well. Jen made a huge impact on his life.

I’m the fourth child in my family. If this law was really true, with the population police and all, my sister and I would not be alive today. My parents would only have 2 children, my two brothers. They would be empty-nesters because my brother, Nathan is married and my other brother Ben, is 24 and ready to move out of the house. My sister, Bethany and I would be illegal children, we would have to move to a different home and live with strangers.  No longer would I be Christina Heinritz, nor would my sister be Bethany. We would have to become imposters.

Third children should have the right to live with their family, have their same name, and be able to exist. I don’t think it’s fair for the illegals because it’s isn’t their fault. Even if it’s crowded in their neighborhood, and they’re limited on food, they should still be able to live. Their family should provide food depending on the amount of people in the family.   

Shadow children should be able to live, no matter what the circumstances. Life can be unfair sometimes, but always know that there is some sunlight in your cloudy sky. Even if there isn’t enough food on the table, or if the houses are close together, third children should have the right to be alive. People should take for granted of what they’re allowed to do, because the children who are illegal are missing out on everything that you go through in your daily life.