Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting to Know Someone

Author's Note: This piece is an alternate ending/ prediction to the story Buried Treasure in the series 315. It shows what I think will happen to the two characters and how they eventually become great friends.

In the story Buried Treasure, I think that the end of the story is going to result in Clarence having a talk with Cody who changes his perspective on life. I have a feeling that when Cody finally finds out the story about old Clarence, he will become good friends with him and go to visit him everyday. I have this feeling because old men are usually very kind and wise once you get to know them. Eventually, Cody will ask about the golden hook just because the city has always wondered. Although, he will be taken back by the answer he receives from the elder. In the beginning, Clarence won't accept the food that Cody brings him because of some anger he still has towards the city. After time though, he will begin to accept the food and be grateful for Cody, his best friend. Clarence would get lonely in the woods everyday and when Cody comes, he will realize just how much he missed having someone to talk to and be there for him. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Transforming into a Different Person

Author's Note: This piece is one way to express character analysis. It shows how Bella changes dramatically in the series of the Twilight books. She becomes a different person when she falls in love with a vampire. Bella develops a whole new perspective on the rainy city of Forks when she meets this boy named Edward. After being an angry, sad girl, in the beginning, she transforms to being happy and content to conclude the end.
Quiet, Clumsy, smart
Daughter of Charlie and Renee
Edward, Jacob, Charlie
nervous, confused, angry
Has a near death experience with a vampire, almost gets kidnapped, becomes trapped with someone who wants to kill her
falls in love
Wants to become a vampire, wants to live forever with Edward
Forks, Washington


Strong, Smart, Protective, Elegant

Daughter of Charlie and Renee, Mother of Renesme, Wife of Edward

Edward, Charlie, Renesme

Thirst for blood, happiness, compassionate

Losing her family, having to fight against the Volturri, giving Renesme up because Jacob was destined to be with her

Who discovered it was much easier to be around Edward when she was finally a vampire, found out that it was possible to have a baby with Edward while she was still human

Wanted to experience being a vampire, wanted to live forever with Edward, wanted to have a child

Forks, Washington


Bella Swan reminds me of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. They both change dramatically, from not wanting to do with anyone to having to eventually get to know people they were surrounded by. Katniss had to connect with the other tributes so she could survive: Bella had to make friends at her new school. They also were both involved in a love triangle, with two other guys falling in love with them.  These two girls discover that all they had to be was slightly more friendly to everyone and overcome their shyness to make the friends that they were certain would last.


Stubborn, shy, smart, independent

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen (Names not mentioned in book)

Prim, Gale, Her Mother

Bravery, Courage, Leadership, Love

Losing her sister, Not surviving, Fear that her mother would ignore her sister like she had ignored her when her father had died

Discovered that being friendly could go a long way, found out that Peeta had liked her ever since she was little

District 12(Location not mentioned)



Friendly, Proud, Dependent

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen, Mother of Willow and Rye, Wife of Peeta

Peeta, Prim, Willow, Rye

Love, Friendship, Trustworthiness

Fear of losing Gale if she went to marry Peeta

Figured out that she was better suited for Peeta than for Gale because Gale was always negative about things and that's not what she liked, figured out she actually did love Peeta

District 12