8th grade

Author's note: Life is difficult enough with the dangers of this world. There are so many diseases that us people can go through, but I think the roughest of them all is cancer. Cancer is like a lion looking for whom it may devour, it finds someone, healthy or unhealthy and usually gives them zero chances of hope. I decided to write a poem about cancer, to show a perspective on how much it affects others in their times of sadness.

Crying friends, 
crying family
by your bedside
nothing you can do
nothing you can say
to make everything be okay.
You wonder what is going on
How this unfathomable crisis happened to you
what to do to make your loved ones faces turn from being blue.
Sorrow fills the air
hearts break and tears shed
pain in your body
trying to hide it with a smile.
Being a sacrifice
glad in a way that it was you instead of them
still hard to bear
how can it compare
to times like other days?
When the sun shined through the darkest window
the hearts were together as one
the sunset reflecting on the ocean waves.
You know its hard
you know its rough
its tough
I'll miss you, it's true
but I will see you all again someday.

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