Thursday, December 15, 2011


Author's Note: Life is a rollercoaster, you never know what's going to happen next. When you read this piece, you will see what I think about this.
In the world, there are many people. During every single second of your life, people are going places all of the time. Have you ever thought about where they were going? What if they were going to the same place that you were going? What if they were seconds away from getting in a car crash? You would never know unless you would have paid attention. Look at the details in things instead of just taking a quick glance. Why have you never cared? Don’t just sit around laying on the couch watching T.V . and eating potato chips! Is that really the way you want to live?! Go live your life to the fullest! Do everything on the list of things you want to do before you die!


 Author's Note: What if the world had no food? How would we survive? Read this to see my thoughts about this.

I’ve been thinking, and has this thought ever crossed your mind? What would we do without food? I mean, seriously! We would die within a week!!! How in the world would we function? Even if we had water, we would still die because of no nutrients and protein! Just like the world is round, the people in the world need food!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Believe the Unbelievable

 Authors Note: Expect the unexpected. Dream the undreamt. Believe the unbelievable. This will tell you the encounters that Matilda goes through in her crazy, unimaginable life.

Have you ever heard of someone with magical powers? There are magicians that can perform magnificent tricks by practicing them over and over. They learn how to trick others by the illusions they create. Magicians know how to make objects appear as if they are levitating without any strings attached. Although this act may seem extraordinary, there is a girl who can do something even more bewildering than this. In the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, Matilda’s life is transformed when she discovers her mysterious secret powers. She uses these powers to overcome the negativity from her principal, parents, and all the other people surrounding her that make her feel like she can’t escape. Matilda’s life changes dramatically while teaching everyone some very important life lessons.

You can learn a series of lessons from Matilda, but one that I noticed was never be afraid to be yourself.  Even though Matilda’s family didn’t like it, Matilda loved to read. She would bring home a pile of books almost everyday from the library after walking a mile to get there. One day, her dad told her that she couldn’t read during their family dinner when everyone was watching television. Matilda took a stand for herself and told her father that she loved to read, and nothing was going to stop her from doing that. Many people try to fit in with the latest trends, newest technology, and give into peer pressure.Matilda proved to others that being yourself may be difficult to go against what the world’s views are, but evidently being yourself is much more fun. Why are you trying so hard to fit in if you were born to stand out?  

While one lesson is to always be yourself, there is another important lesson that caught my attention. This lesson would be that you are truly never alone. People might have the same thoughts as you, or the same exact ideas, but if you take a stand for what you believe in then things will change dramatically. More and more people might be comfortable about speaking up and saying that they agree with what you believe as well. Even though Matilda felt like no one else was going through what she went through, she soon realized that Ms. Honey could relate with her. Ms. Honey stood by Matilda through it all. She comforted her, stood up for her, and was a true friend.

Matilda is just one example of all the people who never give up. After all, she didn’t give up when her parents put her down. She could have easily taken it all in and let the words become reality, but Matilda took a stand by choosing her own future by not letting her parents rule her life. She knew what she wanted and didn’t want to be raised by parents who didn’t truly respect her and treat her like a normal child. She felt very comfortable with Ms. Honey, her school teacher, and wanted her to become her legal guardian.

There are many lessons to be taught from this book. Even though it may be easier to give up, it is through the hard times that shape us into the person that we become. It is important to know that there is always someone that can relate to what you’re going through since you are never alone. People will always tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but don’t let the opinions of others stop you from doing things that you love.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Patriot's Pen Essay

Authors Note: Are you proud of your country? Do you think that your fortunate to live where you do? This is what I think of my country:

Brave soldiers, freedom to do what we want to do, and food that we don’t have to work for: what’s not to be proud of? I mean, come on now! How could you not be proud of that?!
To begin with, having people fighting for the freedom of my country makes me feel protected. I feel like I can embrace the beauty instead of just catching a glimpse. After all, most people don’t take the time to enjoy the view, especially when it’s directly in front of their face.
We have so much to be grateful for in our country. First of all, not many people in other places can say that I have shelter to go home to, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat every meal. Other people are starving to death and walking two miles just to drink uncleanly water. While us Americans can just walk to our refrigerator and get a hold of as much water as we want.
          A community in Africa is way different than a neighborhood in the U.S. In the United States, you would see houses and garages to put your cars in. Africa on the other hand wouldn’t have these supplies commonly. Second, in other countries, slavery is still going on; people don’t have a choice to be a slave of someone else. The owner of the slave just picks who they want and forces them to work.
I am appreciative for the soldiers who fight for our freedom, so we don’t have to be a slave of someone else: we are free. Lastly, we have policemen protecting the streets for our safety. They catch people speeding and arrest people for doing things that shouldn’t be done. Some people don’t understand what these people go through.
Our country is very fortunate to have a country like this. The flag stands with courage, enthusiasm, life, purity, and peace. Therefore it is proud of its country, just like me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Titanic

Authors Note: There's a lot of ways the sinking of the Titanic could have been prevented. Here's something that I think could have been done to avoid the sinking of the big ship:

People grab onto the railings holding on for dear life. Water suffocating most, while others take their last breaths before springing off of the flooding  ship, landing in the icy, cold ocean. Families scream at the top of their lungs for someone to come rescue them before the wave collides with their fragile bodies. Some go into shock, realizing that this could be it. The Titanic had just sunk, but it didn’t have too…
           There are lots of theories of how the sinking of the Titanic could have been prevented. One theory is if the people aboard the big ship would have been watching intently out the window for the icebergs, the sinking of the Titanic could have been prohibited. The captain could have been less laidback, and paid attention to the sea that they were heading into.
          Also, the sinking could have been prevented by having a different route that excludes icebergs. They could have used an ice detector to tell where the ice bergs would be so they could prevent getting close to them. If they had an ice detector, they could have successfully made it across the Atlantic ocean: from South Ampton, England to New York.

If the ship traveled in the morning when it was light out, at least one person would have seen the iceberg and warned the captain to slow down, or swerve around it. So therefore, they could have traveled in the Titanic during the morning so they could see everything surrounding them. But this helped people discover how to build bigger and better ships, to improve the Titanic to the best of their ability.

If everyone did all of these things, then the Titanic ship would still be here. Although, since they did crash the ship into the iceberg, it taught us to build bigger and better ships that can withstand mostly anything. I think that if the Titanic wouldn’t have sunk, then we wouldn’t know how to build bigger and better ships that can withstand a lot more than just an iceberg.  The Titanic didn’t have to, but indeed it sunk.