Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Oh, how our country has changed"

Author's Note: We were told to write a creative piece and I decided to write in the format of a letter to the Founding Fathers. Through this letter, I tell them how our world has changed so much since they were living here in the 1700's.

Dear Founding Fathers,

The times have changed drastically since your time. There are no longer horses and buggies, but cars that are constantly being improved over time. There are no longer payphones that charge you a quarter every minute you talk on it, but instead wireless cell phones that allow you to play games, search on the internet, and call/instant message other people. There are still wars going on all over the world, and in my opinion, I don't think they will ever stop. If they do, they just start right back up again. I want our country and other countries to be at peace, but it seems as if our country is never satisfied with what we have. Troops were out in Afghanistan and Iraq, and some may still be there now. It's not required for young men to go to war when they are 18 anymore because they are given a choice to decide what career they would like to pursue as an alternative. Some men become doctors, electricians, plumbers, and etc. Women are allowed to be in wars now, to help with everything that needs to be tended to. Most train for nursing, although more and more are wanting to fight in the actual battle. I have already listed many points that have showed the differences in our country from now and back in the day. One thing will always stay the same is thankfulness. Thankfulness from our country for what outstanding things you have lead us to today.

Thanks so much for your great deeds,
Christina H. 

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